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Daily Habits Of Successful Web Developers: The Best For You To Follow

The internet is arguably man’s greatest invention. Since websites are, by far, the biggest medium we employ to enjoy the internet’s benefits, the craft of web developers is not in question.

The term “craft” is used intentionally; web development demands creativity, imagination, and a solution-based outlook that incorporates robust scheduling in the development process.

Like most other successful developers, you’ll need an effective process to successfully handle any web development project to the required standard and meet the project deadline.

So what to do? These web development tips are the answer to what makes a good web developer. You’ll find that some of these tips have a broader application, while others are more specific to web development.

Either way, they are all designed to contribute to your success, some more than others. We’ll reveal our pick of the lot at the end of this post too.

Create your own pre-work activities.

The phrase “different strokes for different folk” fits perfectly in this context. For some people, spending the first thirty minutes of the day on their phone is just what the doctor ordered. This is precisely what they need if they’re going to be any shade of productive for the rest of the day. For others, it could be going for a run, hitting the gym, making their favorite coffee, or even doing some light reading.

Our brains are like engines; many times, to do high-level creative work, we need an activity that’ll open up our minds and boost our focus. Something that will help our creative juices flow. This is what your pre-work routine should do for you. Find what makes your mind tick and use it (or them) to kickstart your work daily.

Keep an eye on industry evolution.

Imagine still having to write with a typewriter today. I know it’s an extreme example, but it’s a clear pointer to how ineffective you can become if you don’t keep up with evolutions, innovations, and trends in your industry.

For web developers, the development landscape and client expectation can switch on you in an instant. You need to always keep an eye on evolving development best practices. This includes growing trends within web development, emerging tech, languages, etc.

An excellent way to do this is to stay subscribed to top web design and development publications. A few good examples include Web Designer News, Flipboard, The Next Web, Sidebar.io, and DailyDevBytes. Additionally, you can also check out dedicated web development subreddits such as r/Frontend/, r/webdev/, and r/web_design/, among others.

Scour the internet

Do this to a voracious degree but don’t spend all your time on it. Sometimes an idea is just there, lingering on the periphery of your creativity. You’ll need the inspiration to flesh it out.

One of the best web development tips you’ll get is to visit a lot of websites. Only this time, you’re not just visiting for pleasure; you’re trying to get a feel for these websites. You want to take note of their leanings in functionality and appeal.

With time, you’ll gather a knowledge base of good development techniques and how they compare to each other in varying contexts. It’ll be easier to know which technique makes the most sense for each client and their project.

Get around other designers

Two designer heads are better than one. More than two heads? Even better. Successful developers always know never to walk alone. Surround yourself with others in the same trade as you.

There’s a lot a network of developers can do for you. For one, you get to share your knowledge to younger, less experienced designers, and learn from the more experienced developers.

There’s also the opportunity for connections, cross-marketing your skills, and referrals.

Market your services.

Every business needs sales, which means customers. It’s surprising how many developers cringe at the thought of marketing. Marketing is more than just another campaign; it’s a commitment that should last as long as your business.

Donald Fomby of writing recommendation platform, Best Writers Online, knows all about this. He advocates marketing round the clock regardless of the type of business. This sentiment can be a make or break for any designer or developer.

Whether you’re doing this via a vlog, a blog on your website, a podcast, or via your social media pages, or paid ads is secondary. Granted, these will work differently for each developer depending on their unique situation, but to never stop marketing yourself—that is the point.

Which is the best web development tip to follow?

None of these tips would be on here if they weren’t important. However, our top pick from these tips is the one about marketing.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Here’s our simple reason for choosing this one over the others.

The other tips make you a better web developer; marketing builds you a better business. You could be adept at using all the latest design tools and fleshing amazingly unique ideas for web development, but you have no business and no sales if you have no clients.

Marketing is what will shine the light on you and your top-notch development skills. Plus, marketing makes sense on a much broader scale than web development, so it’s wider application places it ahead of the pack.

Final Words

Web design and development is an exciting path, whether you work for a company or are freelancing. There are many other tips that can help you up your development game and make you more successful. Start with these to slowly build your business, and consequently, your success.

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