Industry Insight Webinar | 11 Habits of Successful Small/Solo Law Firms in the Digital Age

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11 Habits of Successful Small/Solo Law Firms in the Digital Age

June 10th, 2020 2:00-2:30 PM ET

The practice of law changed almost overnight in March, with in-person meetings, court hearings and work environments being replaced with online technology. What has changed with the pandemic is not working from home – because we know this is only to be short lived – it is working digitally. As many firms re-evaluate their processes and take a long-term look at their future, how you adapt to the digital practices should be a top priority. From how you interact with your clients and how you run and manage people employed at your firm, to ensuring your own personal happiness in such changing times.

The 11 Habits covered in this webinar will help you become more successful in the new normal. Introducing change is hard. But if you make a start and keep working on them, using the 11 Habits Checklists, you will be amazed at how the fortunes of your firm and your own life will transform for the better.

Learning Objectives:
(1) Identify 11 important habits to adopt into your firm, from staff engagement to client experience and business building
(2) Analyze “gaps” in your firm and areas of improvement
(3) Implement an action checklist with steps for achieving the 11 habits at your firm

Speaker: Erika Reynolds and Kevin Briggs, Business Development Managers at LEAP

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