WATCH: Creativity Workshop and Application | Learn To Be a Happy Lawyer


Speaker: Bahar Ansari, Co-Founder at

Instagram @baharansarilaw, @caseoneofficial, @2ndlawofficial

Unleash your creativity. Learn to develop your natural creative skills and rewire your brain and your business for happiness. Design and visualize your business to launch an app all on your own with a single bot. Preservation is the opposite of transformation. Are you ready to start over? Or are you ready to reach your potential? If yes, then you can count yourself as ready for this dream-building program. Join Bahar for a discussion on happiness building in the lawyering world with the use of an application builder to construct your dream.

Learning Objectives:

  • Work-love balance through creativity! A bootcamp for today’s tech-savvy lawyers
  • Be able to build your own legal application with our unique method
  • Learn about a post-COVID lawyering world powered by AI

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