WATCH: Office 365 Tools and Applications for the Modern Legal Practice

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Speaker: Rohit Parekh, Legal Innovation Officer at Matter365

This webinar will explore Office 365 applications and their functionality as applied to legal service practices and Matter365. Office 365 is a document and note management system (OneDrive and OneNote), a communications powerhouse (Outlook), and a project/matter management system (Planner). Matter365, which is fully integrated with Office 365, provides matter-centric organization to your Office 365 Applications along with proprietary features and integration with QuickBooks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of Office 365 collaboration tools
  • Demonstration of OneDrive as document management system
  • Demonstration of Outlook Groups for management of emails
  • Demonstration of Planner as Matter Management system
  • Intro of Matter365 as Legal Practice Management system

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