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Speaker: David Hepburn, Global President at

Join us as we look at the trends impacting lawyers’ productivity today as firms grapple with the move to remote working and the other impacts of COVID-19. How can technology support remote working, help firms manage virtual teams, and mitigate risks in order to protect firm profitability and client experience? Research on the tools and systems where lawyers are most productive supports how organizations like Microsoft & Actionstep are creating innovative tools to bring practice management functionality into Outlook. Updates to matter/case files, task management, client communications, and time tracking can be recorded in real time from Outlook, improving data quality, providing total visibility on activity across the firm, and reducing the admin burden.

Learning Objectives:

  • Switching to remote working, staying productive in virtual teams
  • Understand how lawyer productivity trends impact you and your team
  • How firms can stay ahead of Microsoft’s Cloud strategy
  • Managing your practice from the systems where you are most productive

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