WATCH: Maintaining an Efficient Law Practice While Working Remotely

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Speaker: Erica Birstler, Vice President at CosmoLex

Recently, law firms have been tasked with establishing a strategy to maintain service to their clients while working remotely. We all have an ideal strategy in place for how we want our business to run, but many lawyers have learned that when forces outside of our control disrupt that plan, preparation is critical in order to maintain an efficient workflow.

Whether your practice is already functioning remotely or you are still struggling to find the proper tools that will help you get to work with your clients, this presentation is for you. We will evaluate the types of tools that every lawyer needs to stay productive as well as discuss tips and tricks for adjusting your new work environment to keep you productive and profitable.

Learning Objectives:

      • Learn how to maintain cross-functional productivity and efficiency while remote
      • Determine how to select the right tools to keep your law firm on track
      • Discover the benefits of an integrated mobile system

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