Law Practice Today Review: Coronavirus

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division publishes a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today, covering the latest topics in law practice management. March’s edition included articles about Coronavirus that are topical for all attorneys.

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Law Marketing” by Micah Buchdahl

“In the overall scheme of things, lawyering is a relatively recession-proof profession. With bad times still come lawsuits and litigation. Less business and less hiring can mean less work for an IP attorney or employment lawyer. We all feel it. But the adjustment will come as consumers become a little more cost-conscious of hourly rates, and corporate legal departments are told to cut costs and do what they can to help the bottom line recover.”

How Law Firms Are Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic” by Nick Gaffney

“In this roundtable discussion about the impact of the coronavirus on law firms, two managing partners discuss how their firms are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and what measures they are taking to prepare for the challenges going forward.”

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