Industry Insight Webinar | 25 Productivity Tips & Tools to Give Lawyers More Time, Money, & Happiness

The fee-based legal market gets more competitive every day, which is why productivity is increasingly becoming a make-or-break factor for many law practices. There are only so many hours in a day, therefore it’s crucial that lawyers be as efficient and productive as possible to maximize their bottom line.

During this fast-paced, webinar, you will learn simple tips and tricks to implement at your practice, and how choosing the right technology – from basic smartphone apps and software solutions to every day “lifehacks” – can expedite or even eliminate time-consuming tasks and allow you to spend more time on billable legal work.

Learning objectives
– Discover how tools and technology can help you more accurately and quickly bill for your time
– Learn how to efficiently manage administrative tasks so you can spend more time focusing on your clients’ needs
– Regain focus. This wellness-focused portion of the program is designed to help you find the balance you need to build and sustain your success while nurturing your personal goals

Joyce Brafford is an attorney and consultant. She spent 7 years at the North Carolina Bar Association as a practice management advisor and CLE manager. In her time there, she advised law firms on KPIs, marketing strategy, technological investments, and strategic development. She is currently the Director of CosmoLex’s North Carolina offices. Joyce uses her experience in the industry to help train her colleagues and clients on the legal environment, the details that matter to legal professionals, and what trends will affect the legal market.

Wednesday, March 4th
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

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*Please note that this is a non-CLE webinar.

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