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Best Tech Gadgets for Law Students

Being a law student requires many long hours in the books. You may be wondering if there is any tech on the market that can help make your time as a law student easier. Fortunately for you, there are many different technological gadgets and devices that you can find in today’s market. Each of these gadgets is geared to making life as a law student easier and more manageable.

Below you will find the various tech that can help ease the pain of being a student of the law by making life easier for them. Check them out and find the one you need.

Best Tech Gadgets for Law Students

Have a look at the various tech that the market holds to help the law student out.

  1. An Intel Compute Stick

Though this stick doesn’t look like much, it is basically a PC on a stick. With this portable stick, you get WiFi, flash memory and all the ports you could need. Furthermore, you get expansion ports with this as well. This stick is very easy to use. Simply place this stick in an HDMI-ready monitor, add a keyboard and mouse, and you have a complete computer system exactly where you are. One thing this stick is excellent for is when you need to do presentations.

  1. LuminoLite Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Reading Light

Light may seem like a low-tech gadget to have, but this one is very well designed and with the law student in mind. The light emits plenty of light for reading and studying. Furthermore, the LuminoLite is designed to help prevent eye strain and eye fatigue when spending long hours reading books and researching cases. This light will help to keep your eyes from being severely strained under other harsh light environments.

  1. Sennheiser HD 4.50 Special Edition, Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

These headphones are great tech gadgets for the law student. These headphones provide exceptional sound quality that is loud and clear. Furthermore, these headphones can be synced to any of your devices through Bluetooth. One of the best things about these headphones that makes them the perfect gadget for a law student is that they are noise canceling. The ability to drown out the world around you so that you can focus on makes these headphones ideal for anyone who needs to spend hours studying long texts.

  1. Lightweight laptop

A laptop is an essential piece of tech that any law student needs to have. There are many great laptops for law students on the market today. Therefore, you need to find a laptop that is going to be lightweight enough to carry around a lot. Furthermore, a laptop that will have the storage and RAM needed to keep up with the numerous hours of online research a law student will have to endure. Furthermore, a laptop that has a great battery life is also something that can’t hurt.

  1. Portable Charger

Since law students constantly need access to tech, having a portable charger available is a crucial piece of technology that any student could use. As you spend long hours in the library or in study rooms, your phone or laptop battery may quickly dwindle and you have to wait until a plugin frees up. Having a portable charger allows you to keep working while you wait for a wall plugin. Charge your phone or laptop on the go with a portable charger so that you don’t need to find an immediate outlet so that you can keep working.

  1. Fitbit or Other Step Tracker

As a law student, it is so easy to get caught up sitting around with books scattered that you forget that your body needs exercise. Having a Fitbit is a great way to check in on your physical health while you are extensively studying. Make sure to reach a certain step goal every day. A quick glance at the monitor on your wrist is enough to remind you to take a break and walk around. Furthermore, many of these devices also track how much sleep you get every night.

  1. LiveScribe Pens and Paper

Through the use of having a specialized pen and paper that you use to take quick notes while listening to a professor. Using these pens and special dot paper allows you to take physical notes that can easily be transferred to digital without any extra work by you. LiveScribe Pens and Paper are designed to transfer your notes automatically from scribble to digital. You will appreciate being able to transfer all your notes digitally without any extra writing or typing on your part.

  1. An eReader

Your law student is going to spend hours reading. Having an eReader for downloading textbooks and reference books is a great way to help the legal student study without having to lug many pounds of books around with them. An eReader is also a way to help you study for many hours without causing additional strain to your eyes. You can find out more about eReaders on Netbooknews.


Choosing the right technological gadgets for the law student can be difficult.  With so many ways that life can be made easier using the advanced technology available today, the law student has many options. Since a law student must spend many hours reading and studying, anything that can make their lives easier is necessary for them.

The various gadgets that you can find on the market for a law student can make studying easier. Furthermore, these gadgets can help to remind these students to take care of their physical health while engaging in educational pursuits. Both types of gadgets are necessary for any student who spends long hours getting their education.

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