Tabs3 Version 2020 Simplifies Billing and Practice Management

Tabs3 billing, financial, and practice management software is an integrated suite of products using the same design and terminology. That makes it easy to use, and easy for back-office staff to support their attorneys. Their clients are so satisfied that nine out of 10 recommend Tabs3 to other firms, and their highly trained support team has a client satisfaction rating of over 96%.

For over 40 years, Tabs3 Software has been a leader in legal billing and practice management software. They have listened to client feedback, and Version 2020 focuses on simplicity. Tabs3 has made billing, practice management, and legal accounting even easier, so your firm can get back to what matters most: supporting your clients. Tabs3 Version 2020 features new dashboards to help you stay informed with easy-to-read graphs that allow you to monitor billings and collections from a single window. Essential information like accounts receivable, trust transactions, and unpaid invoices are readily available.

“In Version 2020, we’ve added many new features to Tabs3 Software that are designed to make managing a law firm easier. We’re especially proud of the new dashboards and key integrations that will provide firms with greater tools and insights into their businesses,” said Dan Berlin, President and CEO of Software Technology, LLC, the maker of Tabs3 Software.

With Version 2020, payments, reporting, and fraud detection are simple. The design of each product has also been updated, presenting information in more modern and accessible ways.

Simpler to get paid.

Tabs3 now partners with LawPay to provide credit card and eCheck processing in Tabs3 Billing and Tabs3 Trust Accounting for payments and trust deposits. It’s easier for your clients to pay by including a link in their emailed statements for immediate online payment.

Simpler to get a billing summary.

Quickly check the state of your firm’s billing and collections with easy-to-read graphs. Tabs3’s new dashboards make essential information like accounts receivable, billing history, trust transactions, and unpaid invoices readily available and easy to understand.

Simpler to view key financial activity.

All Tabs3 Financials products, Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, have added dashboards. In addition to managing your firm’s accounting, you can also perform key actions in a couple of clicks. In Tabs3 Trust Accounting, you can start a reconciliation, add new transactions, and print checks all from the Home Page.

Simpler to prevent fraud.

Tabs3 Trust Accounting and Accounts Payable now include a Positive Pay Export program, allowing users to export a list of approved checks that can be uploaded to their bank or financial institution’s fraud prevention program, creating an additional layer of security.

With Version 2020, Tabs3 can make your firm’s billing and practice management more streamlined and more profitable.

We think you should see Tabs3 Version 2020 for yourself. Visit to schedule a personal demo with one of their experienced product experts, who can answer specific questions about making Tabs3 work for your firm.

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