When You Are the Whale—Growing Risks from Social Engineering Attacks

This webinar will explore the growing risk from social engineering attacks aimed at exploiting your firm’s finances, data protection, and professional reputation. Social engineering is the low tech, high impact method of fooling the right person on the wrong day to steal information, money, and access to your most sensitive client and firm information. We’ll glide through a brief history of social engineering from phreaking in the ’70s to the current spear-phishing, whaling, and pretexting attacks that threaten your firm and uncover best practices to protect yourself.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the most common social engineering attack methods
  • Acquire common sense protocols to protect your firm and your clients
  • Develop firm cybersecurity education protocols and an incident response plan
  • Understand what social engineering is and how it’s evolved

Speaker: Tomas Suros, Global Product Marketing Director—Legal, AbacusNext

Tomas Suros is a lawyer and technology advocate working at the intersection of law, IT, and client consulting. With AbacusNext since 2004, he currently serves as Global Product Marketing Director, guiding law firms through the process of identifying forward-facing technology options and ensuring the successful implementation of a tailored solution. With a background in practice automation and cybersecurity, Suros is dedicated to helping firms leverage technology to streamline their practice and protect their intellectual capital so they may remain focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Wednesday, December 4th
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Sponsored by:

Abacus Next

*Please note that this is a non-CLE webinar.

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