Worldox In One Hour, Third Edition

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Author: John Heckerman


Allison Shields (AS): Who is your book written for/ Who would get the most out of reading your book?

John Heckerman (JH): The book is designed to help both beginners and more tech-savvy users get the most out of Worldox. Beginners will be able to get up to speed on basic functions, and more advanced users will gravitate toward the more complex features such as Workspaces or Categories. Unlike training manuals, it is designed to answer many more detailed questions. Many of my clients buy one or two copies for “office reference.”

AS: What inspired you to write this book?

JH:  I had been a Worldox consultant for about 15 years and had about 5 years of blogging under my belt. At various consultant conferences people kept saying “you should write a book.” After asking around, it seemed like a good idea. So I guess you could say my fellow consultants inspired me to write the book.

AS: What problem faced by lawyers does Worldox in One Hour for Lawyers solve/address?

JH: When a firm implements Worldox, lawyers and staff are frequently given minimal training – just enough to get them up and running. But they soon start asking for more: “how do I do x?” “Why can’t I do y?” When I do advanced training I frequently get the response “Gee, I didn’t know you could do that.” This book aims to put the solutions to this type of question in the hands of the end user so they can resolve issues quickly.

AS: How is this book different than other books written on this topic and/or what is new or different in this edition of the book?

JH: There are no other books written on Worldox (or, as far as I know, any other major document management program). Since Worldox GX4 came out in early 2015, World Software has continued to make significant changes and additions to the program, including a totally redesigned Internet access module, an Outlook add-in that lets users designate any Outlook folder so that emails dropped to that folder are automatically filed in Worldox. Most importantly, this functionality now lets users automatically file their emails to Worldox from their smartphone without having to leave Outlook open on their desktop. The Worldox indexer now runs as a service, which is a major infrastructure improvement. The new edition addresses these and other improvements to the program.

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