Watch: Coaches on Call

Join us for real time coaching question and answer with inspirational coaches Elizabeth Jolliffe, Marianne Trost, and Jeanne Lee as they answer your Business or Personal Development challenges with “just in time coaching.” If you joined us for our webinar in January 2019, come share your successes, challenges, and questions. If this is your first time, you can download the Business Plan during the webinar. You can send questions to us prior to or during the call. You will not be identified. We will take coaching questions related to any aspect of Business or Personal Development. We can’t wait to be a part of your last quarter 2019 success!

Elizabeth Jolliffe, Esq.
A career management and business development coach since 2008, Elizabeth Jolliffe helps lawyers at all levels take charge of their practice and career. A former Clark Hill litigator and partner for 19 years, and active bar leader, she coaches with a deep knowledge of the profession and what happens when lawyers build on their strengths, interests, and values to be more of their best self.

Marianne Trost
As “The Women Lawyers Coach,” Marianne’s mission is to guide, teach, and inspire women lawyers to grow their own books of business and manage their careers strategically. A coach, trainer, and speaker for 25 years, she offers business development works workshops and personal coaching nationwide.

Jeanne R. Lee, Esq.
A national speaker, coach, mentor, and consultant, Jeanne assists lawyers in overcoming specific career challenges and reaching their full potential through training in business development, leadership, speaking, and communications.


*Please note that this is a non-CLE webinar.

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