U.S. Privacy: The CCPA and the GDPR: Overlaps and Gaps to Consider in Your Harmonized Privacy Program

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) outlines new privacy rights for consumers and requirements for data handlers around the protection of personal data. While in certain ways CCPA does overlap with the GDPR, there are several key differences, as well as notable exemptions, that businesses should know about. For instance, CCPA and the GDPR have varying definitions of personal data and different consumer (or data subject) rights. Additionally, only certain California businesses are within scope of CCPA while the GDPR applies to any organization that processes the personal data of citizens within the European Union.

Learning objectives:

    • What does Data Subject Rights mean for the GDPR?
    • What does Data Subject Rights mean for the CCPA?
    • The key overlaps between the CCPA and GDPR
    • How to operationalize while addressing both regulations in an efficient way


Linda Thielová , Data Privacy Counsel at OneTrust

Linda Thielová serves as Privacy Counsel at OneTrust, the largest and most widely used dedicated privacy management technology platform for compliance with global privacy laws. In her role, Linda provides guidance on GDPR, ePrivacy and global privacy-related obligations to support product innovation and assist with compliance efforts for a wide spectrum of organizations from both private and public sectors. She also conducts training and workshops on the global privacy landscape and contributes to various publications and conferences on a regular basis. Linda’s background combines judiciary review of administrative decisions and more hands-on experience of building internal company privacy programs from an in-house legal counsel position. Linda is a Certified Information privacy Professional (CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM) and holds a master’s degree in Law and Legal Science.

Wednesday, June 26th
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

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