Watch: Back … to the Future! Re-Visioning Your Practice to Lock in Profit for You, and Your Clients!

This session will cover how the changing landscape of law practice is demanding a re-envisioning of our roles as Attorneys, and Counselors at Law. Part of that is going “Back … to the Future!” Come learn how to open an entirely new practice area to help your clients more deeply than ever before… and as a bonus, run your business more profitably too!

We were “Counselors at Law.” Once upon a time, lawyers were focused on their clients holistically. They understood that successful clients were better clients. Attorneys and Counselors at Law had a relationship with their clients. They cared enough to ask about their clients’ hopes, wishes, goals, and dreams.

Our clients went into business so that their businesses could serve them! One of our roles is to help steer their progress so that they achieve this important goal. It is time to reawaken our dedication to the proposition that our greatest value to our clients is often in the role of counselor, or coach—sometimes to avoid them needing us as a lawyer, at all! As lawyers, we have an impressive collection of tools that we can bring to bear to help our clients in deeper and more expansive ways.

Learning objectives:

  • Why 85% of what lawyers do contributes almost nothing to their future
  • How to immediately secure the profits in your business
  • How to “raise your game” in your relationship with your own business
  • How to help your clients re-think how they secure profits and “raise their game” in their businesses, too and re-position yourself with your clients, as their “Trusted Advisor”


Christopher T. Anderson, Co-Founder of Profit First for Lawyers

Christopher T. Anderson is a proud father, husband, pilot, entrepreneur, and lawyer. He is obsessed with helping law firm owners achieve success in their law firm business … on their terms.

Christopher focuses on helping lawyers understand the fundamentals of running our special kind of business, with emphases on how what we do profits our clients and the stakeholders of the law firm. This is all based on a foundation built from an uncompromising focus on meeting the law firm owners’ own definitions of personal, professional and financial success.

He is the co-founder of Profit First for Lawyers and is also the host of “The Unbillable Hour” on the Legal Talk Network. He is a national thought leader on topics of law firm business success, practice management, marketing, sales, systems, and staffing, and has helped 1000’s of lawyers move toward more success for their firms, their families, and their clients.

You can find Christopher on:

LinkedIn: LawFirmBusiness

Twitter: @LawFirmBusiness

Sponsored by:

Profit First for Lawyers

*Please note that this was a non-CLE webinar.

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