7 Tips to Rock Ratings and Reviews

When deciding what attorneys to work with, clients now put almost as much weight on ratings and reviews as they do word-of-mouth referrals. In fact, 95 % of legal consumers say that reviews matter when deciding which attorney to hire.

ARAG has maximized insights from member survey data, focus group research, and more to show how you can make ratings and reviews work for you—and provide the experience your clients want and expect.

You’ll be surprised to learn:

  • What matters to clients just as much as your legal knowledge
  • How bad reviews can be a gift to your practice
  • The best way to respond to feedback


Jean Clauson, Legal Industry Advocate at ARAG

Jean Clauson serves as Legal Industry Advocate at ARAG, an international legal insurance provider. Jean brings a decade of industry experience to the role with a focus on fostering relationships with state and local bar associations, as well as incubators. Her goal is to provide these entities resources and opportunities to help them educate consumers on how to identify their legal needs, assert their rights and understand the value of working with an attorney.

Jean also leads a team of network development associates whose primary focus is on connecting solo/small practice attorneys with business development opportunities on the ARAG Attorney Network. Through her work, Jean is a fierce advocate of helping to build a bridge of access between consumers who need legal help and solo/small practice attorneys looking to expand their client base.

She is a member of the Legal Marketing Association, serves on the State Bar of California Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services and is Past-President of Group Legal Services Association (GLSA), where she works to champion solo and small practice attorneys as a vital solution to the access to justice problems in America.

Wednesday, May 15th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET


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