The Technology That Binds Us

As we prepare to gather in Chicago for the annual TECHSHOW, let’s pause and take a moment to reflect on the incredible power that technology has in our lives.

When you stop and think, it’s kind of amazing that thanks to technology we can do things like tackle emails (or shop) from 45,000 feet in the air, command robot vacuums to clean by virtue of a simple tap on an app, or ask Alexa to answer all of our burning questions and get instant answers.

But one of the most powerful things about technology is how it can bring people together. Thanks to technology, we can video chat with friends and family all over the world any time, any day. We can check on “Fido” from the office via “doggy cam.” We can leverage social media to connect with legal scholars, acclaimed chefs or even high school classmates.

LAWCLERK made its national debut one year ago at TECHSHOW. Since then, we’ve traveled all over the country and met some pretty amazing lawyers and tech enthusiasts (and even some lawyers who are tech enthusiasts). And we have drawn inspiration from their stories about how they are putting LAWCLERK to work to enhance their lives and practices.

For example, one of our top users shared with us that he used to hire associates and follow the traditional brick and mortar law firm business model for his federal practice. LAWCLERK helped him shed that model and become far more profitable and efficient. He has now built a team of “virtual associates” via our Teams feature to work with his seven favorite freelance lawyers on a repeat basis. His team of highly-qualified Lawclerks hail from Tennessee to Washington state.

We fully realize that the idea of a freelance lawyer is nothing new. It has been known as a “contract lawyer” for decades, if not longer. What we’ve done at LAWCLERK is simply use technology to connect attorneys in a more efficient-and ethically compliant-way than has ever been done before. Without technology, how else could an attorney in Virginia connect with a freelance lawyer in rural Alabama to assist with drafting a demand letter? Or how could a busy attorney in Wisconsin connect with a top trial lawyer in New York to draft a summary judgment motion?

The ability to connect attorneys via our nationwide network of freelance lawyers (we call them “Lawclerks”) in an even more powerful—and time-saving way—is the driving force behind our recently launched Teams feature.

With LAWCLERK Teams, attorneys can build multiple Teams for various types of work or areas of law. For example, an attorney could have a Family Law Team, a Bankruptcy Team, and a Litigation Team. Attorneys can build as many Teams as they want, allowing them to essentially create their own virtual law firm of freelance lawyers to work with on a regular basis.

The ability to post a Team Application is a game changer for busy attorneys who haven’t tried LAWCLERK yet. This feature allows you to check out the credentials of our nationwide network of 1,400+ freelance lawyers without spending a single dollar or posting a project. In essence, you get to try it before you buy it. Post an application and check out the credentials of the freelance lawyers who apply. You can add them to your Team that way you will be ready to put them to work when you need help around the office. Oh, the incredible power of technology!

Be sure to visit LAWCLERK at Booth #414! We’ll be unveiling our next lovable shark in an exciting new color for 2019. Keep up with the shark’s latest adventures on Instagram, @sharkontherun! 

This is a guest post from LAWCLERK. Visit them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #414 and learn more about the Conference

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