The EIE Legal App: A New Secure Messaging App with Lawyers in Mind

I never thought a commercial eviction case that I handled years ago would lead me to launch an app at ABA TECHSHOW. But on my fourth trip from a courtroom with poor cell phone reception to a hallway where I could call my client to relay the latest settlement offer of a fast-paced complex negotiation, I had a realization.

If I could text with my client it would not only be faster and easier—it would be more transparent. We would both have the offer in front of us–in writing–and a record of the whole conversation to eliminate confusion and mistakes. And if my client agreed to the settlement terms, I’d have their written permission. All in all, a much better process.

I did what anyone would do: I turned to the app store. But I quickly realized the existing messaging app technology simply wasn’t built to meet the needs of lawyers. The big-name apps at the time only offered non-secure systems and didn’t create a trusted record of confidential communication. I knew using any one of them would put my firm and my client’s information at risk. And just a quick glance at the news on any given day reminds us of the significant risk of hacking and data breaches.

So, I partnered with my marketing-expert dad, David S. Buddingh, and encryption expert Michael T. Mantzke to create an app tailor-made for lawyers. Together we built EIE Legal, a messaging app specifically designed for lawyers and law firms. It offers seamless and efficient communication on an encrypted platform that creates an unalterable record of all text conversations.

EIE Legal is the only cloud-based messaging app that offers the ease of the messaging apps you know, and encrypts all messages and creates a record of text communications in real time. Lawyers and clients can also share encrypted notes, photos, videos, and documents and easily reference them at any time. EIE Legal can be customized and white-labeled specifically for your organization as well.

The secure record—including contact names, text threads, dates, times, and an EIE watermark—can be printed and retained in hard copy files, saved on servers, or left in the digital archives. Both preserve evidence of client communication, providing lawyers with the ability to protect themselves from costly lawsuits.

The app goes beyond end-to-end encryption—user information and communications are always encrypted and can never be accessed by outside parties, including our company. With EIE Legal your communications are always secure, always transparent, and always recorded.

To learn more about our brand-new app launching at ABA TECHSHOW 2019 designed specifically to meet the messaging needs of lawyers, stop by Booth# 1006 or visit

David M. Buddingh is President and General Counsel for Encrypted Information Exchange, LLC, developers of EIE Legal, an encrypted messaging app designed for lawyers and their clients. He may be reached at or visit 

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