Making Every Minute of Your Workday Count

Let’s take it back, way back (like 1994 back) before email was a mainstay in law practices. In those days, if you wanted to send a note to a client, you had to type a letter, print it, place it in an envelope, and drop the envelope in a mailbox. Outside of the letter-writing itself, you had to make a copy, place it in the client’s file, and record a time-entry for your work. The whole process could easily take 30 minutes. Then email came along and we wondered how we ever survived with the inefficiency of “snail mail.” Suddenly, we were able to draft the same letter, attach it to an email, and hit send in 17 minutes flat. Seems like a pretty spectacular improvement, right?

It was, but it could be better.

At Zola Suite, we know every single action you take throughout the day is the sum of many moving parts, and we consider how every step of every process should work together to help you be more efficient. Since last year’s TECHSHOW, over 983 updates have been made to the Zola Suite platform with the singular goal of helping you do more in less time.

Say Hello to ZDrive

At this year’s conference, we’re unveiling one of our newest efficiency-boosters, our ZDrive. This new feature allows users to automatically upload revised documents that have been opened from Zola Suite. The system stores the revised document as a new version with the respective editor’s name as well as the date and time of the modification.

Customized Matter Views That Will Change the Way You View Practice Management

During TECHSHOW, we’ll also be giving visitors to our booth the first look at our new customized matter views. This customization feature allows users to dictate exactly what they want to see on their matter dashboard. Matters can be filtered by practice area, responsible attorney, open date, or even custom fields. These filters can be saved, giving you multiple views, so you can efficiently manage your caseload at the click of a button.

Releases like these, and the 981 others we made throughout the past year, can help you save several hours during the course of each week. Let’s revisit our 17-minute task of sending a letter to a client via email, starting with the first part of the process—the actual letter writing.

If you have a practice management solution with document storage, think of just how clunky the process of editing a letter is. First, you have to log into your account, go into the matter, and download the letter. Then you must edit the letter in Microsoft Word or another word processing program. When you’re done drafting, you have to save it locally and then go back into your account to upload it to the client’s matter. With ZDrive, we remove two of these steps. Suddenly our 17 minute-process is down to 16 minutes.

But efficiency shouldn’t end there and as we mentioned earlier, we’re fanatical about every action in a given task, so let’s take a look at sending the letter and see if we can shave off a bit more time. With Zola Suite, you simply select a matter (even easier with customized matter views) and create a new email which automatically starts the timer. With a single click, documents related to this matter appear so you don’t have to spend a minute or two clicking through your unwieldy folders. As soon as you hit send, a time entry is created and a copy of the email is stored in the client’s matter. And voila, we’ve just saved two extra minutes on a task that you repeat throughout the day. Now imagine if you could shave precious time off of each one of the tasks you perform throughout the day? With Zola Suite, you can.

Zola Suite was built to give your firm the “power of one” solution. All of our features from email and document management to timekeeping and accounting are built into our platform, not tacked on. Without reliance on integrations, your workflow is improved, your billable hours are increased and you’re guaranteed more consistent outreach with clients. Visit us at booth #917 to learn more about transforming your practice.

This is a guest post from Zola Suite. Visit them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #917 and learn more about the Conference

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