Kinnami Software to Launch New Solution (AmiStamp Legal) at ABA TECHSHOW 2019

Kinnami Software to Launch New Solution (AmiStamp Legal) at ABA TECHSHOW 2019

CHICAGO, IL, February 27, 2019 – Kinnami Software will launch their pilot solution, AmiStamp Legal, during the ABA TECHSHOW 2019 in Chicago this week. A dynamic solution that works for small/mid-sized law firms, enterprise legal businesses and legal technology providers alike, AmiStamp Legal brings the best of cloud technology to validate and protect the authenticity of electronic data, in an efficient and cost effective way. Here’s how it works:

  • AmiStamp Legal stamps all types of electronic files, assigning a guaranteed time stamp to them.
  • Once stamped, the file can subsequently be checked to verify that it is still identical to what was originally stamped, identifying if any changes have been made to the file.
  • The stamp also provides metadata that can be used to prove ownership of the file.

Legal businesses can be certain of the integrity and accuracy of their stamped files, file owners can protect their IP and those relying on the information contained in those files can validate and trust that what they are seeing is accurate and credible. The certainty provided by AmiStamp comes from its validation mechanisms – that is, verifying that a file or piece of data was stamped on a particular date and time. AmiStamp Legal uses multiple systems to authenticate this timestamp, including the Ethereum blockchain but also more universal mechanisms including social media posts on platforms such as Twitter.

AmiStamp Legal brings a wealth of benefits to businesses operating in the legal sector, including the following:

  • Operate more efficiently and save time: AmiStamp replaces the need for manual auditing of files to check for changes, and navigating through gigabytes of electronic data to check for accuracy. Our solution provides the option to automatically create stamps for new files as they are added to a device or platform, saving you time.
  • Determine and protect the accuracy and trustworthiness of data: Quickly identify if a file has been falsified or altered and secure the trustworthiness of your data with irrefutable proof of existence and ownership.
  • Integrate into your existing solutions seamlessly: AmiStamp Legal is a dynamic solution that adjusts to the needs of your business. Our API can be incorporated into your current solutions so that you can stamp your clients’ files quickly and easily.

Drop by our booth (Booth #10) at the StartUp Alley where we’ll be demoing the simplicity of AmiStamp Legal and hear about how our solution could help you, whether you’re attending from a law firm or a technology provider business.

About Kinnami Software
Kinnami is a blockchain company tackling the growing problem of lack of trust in the digital world. Our two products center on distributed technologies to safeguard data and increase security and privacy in data sharing and collaboration:

  • Amistamp is a digital stamping solution that establishes and guarantees the authenticity
    and ownership of data that is being shared.
  • AmiShare (in development) enhances the privacy and security of sensitive data shared
    within or across organisations.


Suzanne Headon
Chief Marketing Officer
+44 7553984148

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ABA TECHSHOW is an annual legal technology Conference and EXPO designed to bring lawyers and technology together for three days of CLE and networking. Presented by the ABA Law Practice Division, ABA TECHSHOW helps lawyers practice efficiently through the use of technology.

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