HelpSelf Legal Launches Documate at 2019 ABA TECHSHOW

Documate (formerly HelpSelf Legal) launched in December 2017 to automate legal services for low and moderate income Americans, starting with domestic violence. But we soon discovered that the best way to deliver quality legal services to all Americans was to build software for the experts (you!). Until now, document automation software has been syntax-heavy, unaffordable, and outdated in UI. So, we built Documate, a web-based, no-code document automation software that empowers you to automate your practice without the help of an engineer. We’re excited to announce Documate’s launch at 2019 ABA TECHSHOW!

With Documate, legal aid organizations can build self-help portals and law firms can publish and monetize their expertise through an online marketplace. Or, anyone can use it for internal firm efficiency. The possibilities, complexities, and customizations are endless, but here are three ways lawyers are using Documate.

1. Automated forms libraries

If you’ve ever been frustrated by editing template documents, reading through the document 15 times to make sure you didn’t miss a bracketed term, this one’s for you. The first draft of a standard 50-page agreement should take you minutes, not hours. With Documate, you can turn your templates into intelligent interviews that capture relevant information (e.g., client name, plurals/singulars, lists, key terms). Then, your documents are auto-filled with the appropriate data. Best of all, because you’ll set up the templates the first time, you can be 100% sure they’re generated error-free.

2. Have client intake generate the first work product

Does your intake form give you everything you need to fill out the first set of pleadings or court forms in the case? Put your intake online (we’re mobile-friendly), and have your clients’ answers populate not just your intake form, but also the case cover sheet, draft pleadings, and the first set of discovery in a case.

Documate lets you add complex logic to determine how the interview moves forward based on prior answers, and what documents are generated based on the case type.

3. Start a legal technology company

Inspired by TECHSHOW and want to create your own TurboTax? Do it without an engineer on Documate. Just jump on our platform and draft your questions (like you would on Typeform or Survey Monkey). Then, wire them up to your template documents and forms. Tweet about your new company to the world, and you’ll be able to join Startup Alley at the 2020 ABA TECHSHOW.

For more information on how document assembly software can revolutionize the way you deliver legal services, visit Documate.org at Booth #12 at the 2019 ABA TECHSHOW or contact accounts@documate.org for more information.

This is a guest post from Documate. Visit them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #12 and learn more about the Conference

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