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Author Spotlight: Kenneth Imo “Fix It”

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Fix It
Author: Kenneth Imo


What is the main message of Fix It?

The pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive society is as old as our republic. The legal profession’s ongoing attempt to tackle these issues is a microcosm of the nation’s struggle with institutional inequality grounded in a stubborn adherence to tradition and an inability to address adequately the pervasiveness of unconscious bias and its consequences. We can fix these issues by being honest about obstacles holding us back (those that are self-inflicted and others beyond the profession’s control), being humble and becoming a student inequity, and being courageous enough to take bold chances to make an impact and have sustainable change.

Who is your book written for? Who would get the most out of reading it?

This book is for anyone interested in understanding the obstacles to a more diverse and inclusive legal profession and for people wanting to learn how very disparate organizations strive to make progress in this area. You don’t have to be a lawyer or in the legal profession to read this book. You just need to be open to reading something grounded in history, current events, sports, and facts that put a different spin on an old topic.

What inspired you to write this book?

The past couple of years have been quite tumultuous in our nation. I observed events with an overwhelming sense of dread and helplessness as I wondered, “What can I do to make a difference?” The answer: “Speak up.” Initially, I found the process of writing a book daunting and intimidating but I had a great mentor in Wendy Werner, who provided encouragement and kept me focused on what inspired me—writing a book to raise awareness on issues of inequity while identifying various examples of how courageous Americans sought to forge a better path forward.

How does Fix It differ from other books written on this topic?

This book is different because it is a collection of stories. I rely on disparate examples to demonstrate that the legal profession isn’t unique in figuring out how best to make progress at diversity and inclusion. And I use history to provide context and make parallels to current events to show that the profession is not powerless in driving the change it seeks.

What do you think will surprise readers most about your book?

The book is very honest. Some people may be pleasantly surprised by this, while it may make others uncomfortable.

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