Microsoft Office 2019: Your Law Firm’s Efficient Marketing Partner

While it’s common for law firms and lawyers to believe that their expertise and reputation are enough to attract clients, they need an effective marketing strategy. Strong marketing can help your law firm set itself apart from the competition and attract more clients. The newly-released Microsoft Office 2019 includes some tools you can use to improve your law firm’s marketing strategies. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage.

Use Outlook’s Email Management Tools to Expand Your Online Footprint

Email marketing is among the brilliant ways of staying in front of existing and potential clients across fields such as law. In the US, over 90% of adults use email while 70% of them actively redeem discounts or coupons from a marketing email. Email marketing is among the most affordable forms of legal advertising out there. To capitalize on its benefits, you need a reliable email management program.

The new Microsoft Outlook on Office 2019 comes with several email management tools. They include updated contact cards, a focused inbox, Office 365 Groups, @mentions, and travel package cards. You can rely on the focused mailbox to prioritize on your most important emails. The updated contact cards help you sort out your email list, which may comprise your newsletter subscribers.

Improve Your Marketing with Excel’s Tracking, Reporting, and Analytics Tools

To avoid wasting resources on ineffective advertising strategies, consider measuring and tracking all your ad campaigns. As you do this, find out the policies that seem to work and those that you need to change or eliminate. The key performance indicators (KPIs) in a law firm’s marketing strategy include revenue, leads, total new clients and return on marketing investments. They also include cost per lead, booking rate (from calls) and lead-to-sale conversion rate.

A program such as Excel can help you track, report, and analyze your advertising strategies using the KPIs. The new Excel software on Office 2019 helps manipulate numeric data from your advertising strategies and draw meaningful relationships from it. Tools such as funnel charts and 2D maps give you the freedom of displaying the data in a compact visual layout.

Use the Improved Inking Features to Create Valuable Content

Including valuable content in your marketing campaign increases your chances of winning over clients. The information helps clients who desperately want to know the services that your law firm provides. You can create it different forms depending on what it entails and the targeted audience.

Office 2019 has improved inking features that allow you to create marketing content on a Microsoft Surface device. They included increased pressure sensitivity and tilt effects. The software suite enables you to use a digital pen to launch and work with your favorite utility programs. You can use the digital pen/stylus on a Microsoft Surface device to come up with content in the form of text, drawings, and doodles that articulate your law firm’s goals and services.

Use PowerPoint’s Advanced Presentation Features

Though pictures can help improve your law firm’s branding, videos help sell the deal and gain new clients. You can use PowerPoint on the Office 2019 Suite to create marketing campaigns that include videos and pictures. According to Infogram, over 1 billion people use PowerPoint on their Windows devices. The new PowerPoint features a Morph tool that lets you create smooth animations.

The new PowerPoint is handy when pitching a marketing proposal to colleagues or board members. The software allows you to create engaging and multimedia-supported presentations. You can rely on it to convince your law firm’s board members or investors to buy into your upcoming ad campaign.

Create Specialized Pages for Each Service Using Visio Wireframe

Most law firms offer different services or have multiple specialties. For instance, one that specializes in family law may facilitate custody arrangements, estate planning, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, and divorce services. For the best results, use a drop-down menu on your site to make each specialty clear. You get an average conversion rate of 4.8% when you include videos on the specialized pages.

The Visio Wireframe included in Office 2019 is one of the tools you can use to create specialized pages on your site. The program features multiple templates for designing mobile applications and websites. Each model has five stencils including containers, controls, media, text, and navigation. Besides designing landing pages, you can use Visio Wireframe to bring any marketing idea for a law firm to life.

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategies with the New Translate Tool

The content on your website affects your firm’s chances of landing new clients. Always view your site as a core digital marketing tool meant to encourage prospective clients to work with your law firm. Build a blog to show your authority on legal matters and to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. Create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that responds to the common queries that potential clients ask.

Office 2019 features a translation tool known as Translate that can let you create content that breaks the language barrier. You can use it on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote when creating content for your site’s blog or FAQ page. Translate also lets you check the grammar and spelling in a different language.

Final Thoughts

With the new tools included in Microsoft Office 2019, you can come up with ads that help you keep up with your competitors. The campaigns aim at increasing your conversion rates and maintaining your credibility in the legal services market. Note that Office 2019 gives you the tools you need to stay relevant in your field.

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