How Locke Lord LLP is using Westlaw Edge to Stay Competitive

Locke Lord LLP understands putting clients first and running a profitable business are not mutually exclusive. Point number one of the firm’s mission statement says as much – We will serve our clients’ interests first. Our firm’s success will follow.

It can be a delicate balance, and achieving both goals requires all contributors to be at the top of their game at all times. That means working smarter and minimizing wasted time and effort. Firms need to deliver services in a manner that provides maximum value to their clients and keeps them coming back.

As a respected national law firm with global reach, Locke Lord serves clients around the world in a wide range of litigation and transactional matters. Knowing that technology is one of the keys to attracting and retaining clients, the firm has recently invested in Westlaw Edge™, an AI-powered legal research platform.

Procuring the Right Tools to Meet the Firm’s Goals and Accommodate Client Demands

The team at Locke Lord was among the first to realize that using technologies powered by artificial intelligence would provide the efficiencies necessary to help them accomplish routine tasks faster so their professionals could focus on higher value activities. As Art Anthony, a partner in the firm’s litigation group, explains, “My primary consideration in evaluating new technologies is the value-add to the firm and to the client in terms of efficiency. Clients are looking for their law firms to be efficient with the delivery of legal services and to minimize costs where possible.”

Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet, Director of Information Services at Locke Lord, is responsible for the firm’s operations and library department. Part of Bouthilet’s role is evaluating and implementing new technologies. “There were several features we saw in Westlaw Edge that really fell in line with what we’re trying to do as a firm in terms of making sure we’re utilizing the best technologies available and that we are leveraging those to provide better legal research services,” she said.

Productivity is Key

Two associates at the firm, Sarah-Michelle Stearns and Mario Nguyen, appreciate how the AI-powered features of Westlaw Edge allow them to find answers quickly and provide deeper insights in key conversations. As Stearns explains, “Getting the correct answers faster to your partners puts you in line for the next project and allows you to spend your time on other tasks you might not have gotten to yet.” Nguyen adds, “Westlaw Edge has really sped up the way I do my research and increased the confidence I have in my execution. I found direct, relevant cites that have not been overruled, and I have been able to walk to partners and say, ‘Here is the research, it’s good to go.’”

How Can Westlaw Edge Help You?

For more than 140 years, Westlaw® has delivered ground-breaking best-in-class technology fueled by unmatched editorial expertise, and we’ve done it again. Learn how Westlaw Edge provides you with the fastest answers and most valuable insights via the next generation of legal search, integrated litigation analytics, the most powerful citator, and more in our Westlaw Edge webinar.

Watch this 30-minute, on demand webinar, An In-Depth Look at Westlaw Edge: The Most Intelligent Legal Research Platform Ever to hear more about how Westlaw Edge can help increase your efficiency and accuracy when it comes to legal research.  Chris Schoenbauer, manager on the Westlaw product management team, walks through the new features and demonstrates how the best in legal research just got better.

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