Seven Professional Networking Apps for Lawyers

Plenty of apps let you meet people, but many of them focus on finding friends and purely having fun. If you’re a legal professional, it’s often ideal to immediately reach out to others who have similar goals and want to find people for professional purposes. Luckily, these networking apps let you do that.


Business cards are still often used to help lawyers exchange details. However, there’s always the chance you might misplace a card, run it through the washing machine or get it wet in a rainstorm so it’s impossible to read the text.

CamCard is available for Android and iOS and shows content on desktop computers, too. You can use it for free or opt for a paid version. The concept behind this app is that you scan the material from a business card into the app using your smartphone’s camera, then rest assured everything is stored in the cloud for later retrieval.


Most lawyers are consistently busy, but they all have to eat sometime. LikeLunch facilitates using your lunch break for professional networking purposes. Download this free app onto your iOS or Android device, then find people close to you or in a different city.

Next, send an invitation to one of them for a business lunch meet-up. Provided the person accepts the offer, you could be on your way to expanding your network of fellow lawyers.


All networking events can be intimidating, especially if they’re large and you want to make the most of your time there by getting connected with other lawyers with similar practice areas or other characteristics that are meaningful to you.

Networkr helps you capitalize on opportunities at networking events and keeps a history of the people you meet. It also has an assigned seating feature. Like many people, you may prefer to sit with lawyers you already know well—such as those from your firm—when attending a lecture or other seated event at a networking opportunity.

However, Networkr’s assigned seating feature forces you to sit next to a person you don’t know yet, setting the stage for a potential new professional connection.

Networkr is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms. Also, there’s no fee for networkers to use it, but people depending on the app to host events have the option of subscribing to a paid tier to unlock more features.


Even if you know professional networking would boost your legal career, you may still feel like your schedule is too jam-packed to put much effort into it. In that case, Shapr is an excellent option.

It suggests 10-15 contacts to you each day based on your interests, professional experience, and location. You can browse the profiles of those users by taking only about a minute of time out of your day.

In the case of mutual interest between yourself and another user, you can start messaging the individual in the app and make plans to meet in real life.

Although it’s possible to use Shapr for free, there is also a Plus pricing tier starting at $19.99 depending on the length of your subscription.


Getting started with this professional networking app involves determining your goals. After entering those into the app, you’ll get suggestions of worthy people to know. Instead of merely providing you with the names and profiles of those users, Lounjee explains why those people are worth connecting with through the app.

Chat with people in the app first, then set up in-person meetings.

You can use Lounjee for free on an iOS or Android system. However, there is also a premium subscription available for $9.99.


Ripple is an app created by former Tinder employees for people who want to expand their professional networks. It addresses some of the challenges associated with meeting other working professionals, helping you make meaningful new relationships faster than you might expect.

Ripple can connect with your LinkedIn or Twitter account and populate the app profile with information from that source. You also get the chance to select your interests and professional aspects. There’s a feature that allows creating groups and events for like-minded users, too. It’s free and available on the Android and iOS platforms.


Maybe you’re so busy with client meetings, court cases, and other career-related obligations that all you can manage to do is go out for coffee with other lawyers. If so, no worries. Bottleshake facilitates meeting other professionals at coffee shops in your area.

You indicate which coffee shop you’ll be in and how many seats are at your table. Plus, specify the kinds of people you want to meet. For example, you might say you’re interested in getting to know immigration lawyers or people who focus on business law.

If a person says they want to meet with you, accept or pass to confirm your preference. Bottleshake also allows sending group messages to all attendees, which is handy if there’s a sudden change of plans.

This is a free app, but as of now, it’s only available for iOS devices.

Meeting More Lawyers Is Easy

Despite your busy schedule, it’s a good idea to get to know other people with legal backgrounds. They could provide future career opportunities or offer insights when you need them. These apps can help you get started and become more social.

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