Watch: Incident Response – Cyber Attack Response Workshop

With personal client information frequently in their possession, legal professionals are under immense pressure to protect said information from the increasing amount of cyber attacks. Because technology alone cannot protect you from a cyber breach, it is essential that law firms understand the importance of developing and implementing an Incident Response (IR) plan. This workshop will demonstrate how to effectively respond to a cyber breach or incident within a law firm and how to mitigate future risk.

In this video, Mark will cover three areas:

  • Overview of Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry
  • Incident Response Guidelines
  • Live incident response exercise

Learning Objectives:

• Best practices for legal professionals implementing incident response plans
• What is an incident response plan?
• Why it is important?
• What should be included on all legal incident response plans?
• Step-by-step incident response tabletop workshop

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Please note, this is a non-CLE webinar.
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