Watch: The Psychology of Settlement

The world is complex. To simplify, we rely on a range of cognitive mechanisms called heuristics to cope with adverse environments where we face the unknown. Heuristics are confidence-sustaining mental shortcuts that help us make quick decisions. However, relying only on these mechanisms comes at the expense of rigorous logic and rational reasoning. They rely on, and result in, significant biases in decision-making.

 In this video, LawPay’s director of education, ethics, and compliance, Claude Ducloux, leads an in-depth discussion of central concepts related to the psychology of settlements and how to create an environment that affords opportunities for settlement throughout litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to create an environment that affords opportunities for settlement throughout litigation
  • How to diagnose and correct misunderstandings
  • How to create respectful and productive communication
  • Greater understanding of the psychology of settlement negotiations


Claude E. Ducloux
Director of Education, Ethics and State Compliance

Claude E. Ducloux is an Attorney licensed in Texas, Colorado and California who speaks regularly on Legal Ethics, Law Office Management, and Trial-Related topics. In 2011, he won the highest statewide award from the State Bar of Texas for lifetime contribution to CLE, and has been invited to speak in more than 250 programs in since Jan 1, 2009, and serving as course director of numerous institutes and advanced courses. Mr. Ducloux has a long legacy of bar service, including being President of the Austin Bar Association, and serving as Chair of almost every major Bar-related entity, as well as the Texas Bar Foundation.

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