How is AI Already Helping Attorneys?

Artificial intelligence is a big topic for debate within the legal industry this year that has some attorneys wondering if AI is just a meaningless buzzword that will lose its momentum in time. However, it seems safe to say that AI is here to stay. In fact, you are probably already using it in your work, even if you don’t recognize it as AI.

Some forms of AI have become so natural to us that we have learned to expect it. One good example is the use of Natural Language search in Westlaw. If you have been using Westlaw technology since the early 1990s, you may recall a time when it was necessary to utilize Boolean Terms and Connectors to surface meaningful search results. Searching on Westlaw became faster and easier when Westlaw implemented Natural Language search capabilities allowing the computer to recognize the way humans naturally think and use language.

In this article, Thomson Reuters Westlaw answers common questions about AI and discusses three legal research tools that are already using AI to help attorneys. Read the article to find:

  • A clear definition of AI
  • What AI means for the legal industry
  • When you can trust AI
  • Plus, much more!

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