The White Glove Treatment of the Firm Central Customer Experience

Did you know that 40% of an attorney’s time in a small practice is spent not practicing law? Adopting a practice management solution can be an effective way to minimize your administrative time, allowing you to spend more time practicing law. Sometimes, however, the thought of learning a new system can seem daunting, and one you’d rather avoid.  Your fears can be eliminated by choosing with its white glove treatment for all Firm Central customers.

Thomson Reuters provides a unique and differentiated experience with its team of Firm Central personal trainers who put on the white gloves to coach the entire law firm through the on-boarding process and beyond. This level of customer service is enhanced with training and data migration through customer retention.

To make the product integration efficient, each user is handheld through these steps in our process:

  1. First, the team sets up a timeline for training based on the attorney’s calendar
  2. Next, in a kick-off call, the implementations team welcomes the customer and listens to the attorney’s goals, concerns, and timeline for product integration and training.  
  3. The integration process continues with data migration so nothing is left behind.
  4. A series of training meetings occur for as long as it takes to ramp everyone up the learning curve and to make the customer comfortable.
  5. Finally, the handoff to a life-long product retention specialist happens and the customer service experience continues.

Meet Your Firm Central Implementations Team

The Thomson Reuters team in charge of onboarding takes great pride in their white-glove coaching services to welcome new small law firms into the Firm Central family. Led by Jessie Dieltz, team lead on the Firm Central implementations team, she’s joined by seven others including Colby Hawley, data migration project manager.

“When I step in, the law firm has an opportunity to use the data migration process as a way to clean files and eliminate obscure data prior to migrating to Firm Central,” said Colby Hawley, Thomson Reuters project manager for data migration. “Out of the gate, we take a methodical approach to migration and look at security, privacy, and sensitivity of the data itself. If necessary, we teach the customer to migrate highly sensitive data themselves.”

When a new Firm Central customer needs to export data, manually add clients into the software or fully migrate from a competitor product, then Hawley gets involved early in the on-boarding process. Data migration is a huge white glove service and selling point of Firm Central.

“Our approach to educating new customers about Firm Central is like a warm welcome with continual nurturing until the student is ready to fly solo,” said Jessie Dieltz, Thomson Reuters Team Leader for project implementation. “We never lose sight of the customer and continue to hand them off from one team member to another until all questions are answered. No other company focuses on the customer experience after the sale like the Thomson Reuters Firm Central implementations team.”

very high on satisfaction ratings, and it’s because of the remarkable level of comfort and nurturing customers receive when choosing to buy Firm Central. When you know that skilled professionals are available to impart their product knowledge after the sale, wouldn’t you want to be a Firm Central customer, too?

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