How to Justify Email Recipient Checking Software for Your Business

It can be challenging–and a little frustrating–when different parts of an organization don’t see eye-to-eye on addressing compliance concerns. Departments like IT and Knowledge Management have a closer relationship to the kinds of threats the wider businesses are vulnerable to. Their job, therefore, is to convince managers and colleagues that the most serious threats need to be addressed and to provide solutions within budget.

This need is even greater in 2018 with several new regulations being introduced to better protect data from hacking, leaking, and general mismanagement–the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe and National Data Breach Notification (NDB) scheme in Australia are a couple of examples. Businesses will have to comply with new regulations or risk significant fines or penalties.

Accidental Data Breaches Are Your Biggest Threat to Regulatory Compliance

In the first half of 2017 the biggest cause of data breaches was human error. The most common way information leaks is when an email is sent to the wrong person, or the wrong file is attached. More than just embarrassing, this is inadequate management and protection of data that could end up exposing personal and financial details of clients and employees.

DocsCorp has added email recipient checking functionality to its cleanDocs product to ensure that users are sending the right information to the right person, every time. We knew we had to balance a solution with a businesses’ requirement for fast, productive workflows without sacrificing its ability to protect them. cleanDocs only pops up when a user clicks Send on an email to external or public domains (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo). From this screen, users confirm the email recipient/s are as attended and that the attachment/s are correct. They can also clean attachments of hidden metadata, PDF it, ZIP it, or even rename it.

cleanDocs with email recipient checking seems like an obvious solution to a threat that, chances are, will impact your business. But that doesn’t mean everyone will be on board straight away. Below we list some of the common objections we’ve worked through with users to help you present the strongest case possible to the people in your business who might need a bit of extra convincing.

We Can Just Lock Down the Email Autofill Feature

Realistically, making users manually add recipients to the field address every time will be time consuming and only frustrate them. Equally, turning off the auto-complete feature is not a foolproof way to eliminate the risk of staff emailing the wrong Lisa or Jeremy, for example.

More Add-Ins Will Cause Our Outlook to Crash

The solution is to minimize the number of add-ins you need to be fully protected from data breaches. cleanDocs offers two solutions– email recipient checking and metadata management– in a single add-in. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with the email server so outgoing emails won’t bank up and cause a bottleneck.

We Have Special Requirements That Email Recipient Checking Doesn’t Cater To

Internal emails, in some cases, can be just as damaging as external ones if they are mis-sent. Each business will have their own unique emailing behavior and set of requirements for recipient checking software to fully protect them from leaking sensitive information. We designed cleanDocs to be fully customizable. Administrators can use the Configuration Manager to add or remove email domains from ‘safe’ or ‘white’ lists or require confirmation for emails sent between internal departments.

Time is running out to protect your business from the number one cause of data breaches. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your information, and your reputation, with an all-in-one comprehensive solution.

cleanDocs is the only product on the market that combines recipient checking and metadata management. Visit the cleanDocs product page to learn more or see us at ABA TECHSHOW Booth #925 in Chicago.

This is a guest post from DocsCorp. Visit them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #925 and learn more about the Conference

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