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Using Legal Research Strategically to Differentiate Your Firm

When you consider that we live in an instant gratification society where technological advances are only outpaced by expectations, it should come as no surprise that law firms face unrelenting pressure from clients to provide higher quality service at a lower cost in a fraction of the time. This session will take a look at how today’s most competitive law firms differentiate their services by using a strategic approach to their legal research technology.

In Using Legal Research Strategically to Differentiate Your Firm, we will discuss how you can alter your approach to legal research to save time and money by exploring the ways in which researchers can maximize the AI features that are already built into the legal research products they use today.

Join us:

Wednesday, January 17th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET

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Learning Objectives:

  • Save time and money by reinventing your approach to legal research
  • Provide accurate answers and meet client demands faster
  • Uncover additional on-point documents you may have missed
  • Differentiate your firm by spending more time on higher value tasks

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Please note: this is a non-CLE session.
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