Four Tricky Legal Situations Technology is Making Easier

The legal sector can be very complex. Besides the challenges associated with the varied nature of the cases themselves, law professionals have had to stay updated with the changing times, paying attention to precedents set by court rulings related to technologies such as social media.

However, there are many ways technology can facilitate tasks and otherwise make things easier for lawyers and other people in the field.

Staying Updated On The Latest Case Details: Case Management Software

Many people still work in law firms that rely on physical paperwork, but there are compelling reasons to switch to electronic means via case management software. Doing so helps lawyers and their teams stay abreast of even the most complicated cases as they evolve.

Many case management software options have search features that automatically check for conflicts of interest. It’s also possible to share files with other firms when needed. Time tracking is another common feature, and some have integrated document drafting that exports the content to Microsoft Word.

MyCase is a top option to consider. It features cloud storage, which helps keep office spaces free from file-based clutter while allowing law professionals to work on the go and access information on smartphones and tablets. There is also a feature that permits clients to view and pay invoices online, plus the ability to assign tasks and build to-do lists.

Intensive Legal Research: Artificial Intelligence

Incomplete or hasty legal research could make the difference between winning and losing a case. Obtaining the appropriate details requires careful diligence, but some lawyers are using artificial intelligence to save time. Artificial intelligence uses broad sets of data analysis tools and aims to give users precise results, thereby increasing efficiency and preventing fruitless searches.

ROSS is one provider for lawyers to think about using. It works by allowing lawyers or paralegals to enter legal questions in a text box using natural language. The system then searches for information and provides it in seconds. This fast and hassle-free process cuts down on non-billable hours and gives lawyers more time to spend with clients.

Finding a Notary Outside Of Normal Business Hours: Mobile Notary Services

When handling legal forms or statements, lawyers sometimes have to recruit the services of a local notary public. Doing that can be difficult, especially on evenings or weekends. Also, a lawyer may have only gotten established in an area recently and not be familiar with local notaries yet.

Fortunately, a company called Superior Notary Services offers mobile assistance for customers. Lawyers can simply place an order for notarized needs on the website. That service provider then takes care of finding a notary public in the law firm’s area. The notary professional meets the lawyer at a location of choice — even at night or on a Saturday or Sunday when required.

Better Web Presence: The Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Many lawyers understand they need to have websites to help customers find them, but may not want to spend a lot of money to have a professional firm build the web presence. Fortunately, it’s easy to make beautiful law firm websites in-house using WordPress. Many creators even offer law firm-friendly themes for lawyers to download.

One major advantage of hiring a design firm is that lawyers often can request SEO assistance as part of the setup process. Then, if a lawyer practices in an area that has many other lawyers in the same vicinity dealing with the same or different specialties, it’s possible for that firm to consistently rank well and be more visible in search result lists.

Fortunately, there’s a WordPress plugin that gives built-in SEO pointers. Known as Yoast SEO, it features a color-coded system to integrate sections of WordPress. Green means the content fits SEO standards, red indicates it does not and yellow displays when the material is not ideal, but still OK. It’s also possible to enter a target keyword and have the system track how often it appears.

It’s clear that although technology has made some things less straightforward for lawyers, it’s been an asset, too.

These four high-tech helpers are just a small assortment of the tools and product categories that make duties simpler for professionals in the legal industry.

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