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Do It All With Your iPad – How to Work From Your iPad or iPhone

You are dashing for the train and receive a document via email from a key client. You need to read it now, but it’s attached via proprietary link. How could you possibly view this document (including its tracked changes), annotate it, and send it out, all while on the go? Leave your laptop behind—all of this can be done using a mobile app on your iPad or iPhone.

In Do It All with Your iPad—How to Work From Your iPad or iPhone, Maureen Blando of Mobile Helix will show you how you can work with documents even when you are out of the office. Whether you need to review an attachment in your inbox, mark up a document, or edit it, use your time productively by working wherever you are.

Whether you use iManage, NetDocuments DMS, SharePoint, or other file storage systems, you can compare documents, edit and annotate them, check them in, and send them with a single app. Join us to see a demo of these and more essential document workflows that you can complete with the LINK app by Mobile Helix.

Join us:

Wednesday, January 24th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET

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Learning Objectives

  • How to review, mark up, and forward an attachment to a colleague or client for review
  • How to edit an attachment or link from your inbox using the MS Word app
  • How to accept all changes in an attachment, sign, and send for counter-signature


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Please note: this is a non-CLE session.
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