Fighting the Battle of Accepting Credit Cards

From individual clients to business clients, most of the people you do business with will want to pay by credit card. Why? Because they like the convenience of paying online, having a 30-day float and they’re tired of hearing “cash or check only.” However, we all understand that accepting credit cards as an attorney can be a true battle.

In Fighting the Battle of Accepting Credit Cards, the experts at CosmoLex and LawPay will join forces to make sure your practice has all of the information it needs to succeed in a modern world where everyone pays in plastic. Although the process can be difficult to adjust to, the long term benefits will help you modernize your practice and build strong, lasting relationships with a wide assortment of clients.

Wednesday, July 26th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET

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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why law firms should consider accepting credit cards
  • Identify the top 5 challenges attorneys face when considering credit card payments
  • How to choose a credit card processor and stay compliant
  • How proper technology can help you win the battle

The Speakers:

Erica Birstler, Director of Strategic Communications

Erica Birstler is the Director of Strategic Communications at CosmoLex — developers of an all-in-one cloud-based legal practice management, billing & trust accounting system specifically designed for solo and small law firms.

Erica’s degree is in Business Administration and she has over 6 years of experience in the legal software industry, catering to the specialized technology needs of small to mid-sized law firms. Erica has given numerous presentations across the country on legal technologies such as law practice technology management, cloud computing, and legal billing & trust accounting compliance.

Janelle Benefield, Certified Payments Specialist and Director of Client Success

Janelle Benefield is a Certified Payments Specialist and the Director of Client Success at LawPay Credit Card Processing. Janelle is tasked with maintaining high quality customer service experience for new and existing clients. Her role is focused on customer communication strategies, ensuring that all client needs are met in a friendly, timely, and professional manner.

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