Watch: Top Mistakes Attorneys Make and How to Fix Them

As an attorney, you meet with clients, deliver the work as promised, and then, eventually, you send out an invoice. We understand that dealing with bills is not why you became an attorney, but in order to get paid and continue to practice law, you need to focus on billing just as much as practicing your passion.

In this video, you will discover an array of tools at your disposal that will ensure that you never commit costly billing mistakes again. From under billing time to waiting too long for a bill, Software Technology expert Myrna Johns will discuss common billing mistakes that law firms make. Under her guidance, you’ll discover the steps needed to increase billable hours, get bills out on time, and get payments in the door as soon as possible.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve your methods for tracking and recording your time
  • Find and correct inaccurate or missing billable time
  • Schedule and send bills to assure they are delivered on time
  • Get paid faster

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Please note: this is a non CLE session.
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