Start Stronger, Finish Faster with Secondary Sources

Although they cannot be directly relied upon as legal authority, secondary sources may reflect the prevailing view on how courts interpret primary sources, with some secondary sources so authoritative that courts themselves rely on them in their rulings.

Secondary Sources on Westlaw combines expert authors and an unmatched collection of leading and premier analytical materials with a deep tradition of excellence in legal publishing. These sources will help you get up to speed in new areas of the law and stay on top of developments within your practice areas.

With the release of several new research enhancements, Secondary Sources on Westlaw provide a streamlined research experience that is easy, intuitive, and efficient. In Start Stronger, Finish Faster with Secondary Sources, you will dive in head first to learn to save time on your legal research and find trusted answers faster.

Wednesday, May 24th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET

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Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a strong starting point for unfamiliar areas of the law
  • Find relevant publications faster by efficiently navigating the new library experience
  • Gain context of a publication without searching through the contents of a title
  • Discover five tips for leveraging the new Secondary Source enhancements

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