Why Your Firm Should Be Texting

It is no secret that people prefer to text over making or receiving calls. Why is this? Because texting is quick, simple and gets the job done more efficiently. In a world where we are busy at work, driving in our cars, being a parent, or at the grocery store—texting makes getting it all done easier. Not to imply texting is the death of actual conversation, but rather, there is a preference in place in all of us, and sometimes a quick text is easier than taking or making that call.

This realization coupled with the millennial generation who rarely answer phone calls indicates loud and clear that to reach your clients, texting is quickly becoming a necessity. The problem, however, is the need to give out a personal cell phone number. Who wants to do this, especially an attorney? This issue can very easily lead to late night interruptions when you are off the clock, and this can be a slippery slope.

The good news is that there is solution, and it’s called Zipwhip.

Zipwhip turns on your firm’s existing business phone number for texting. This way, you can reach your clients via text without having to give out a personal number. Your firm has a phone number that has likely been used for several years, is made public, and the number your clients or potential clients already associate with your firm. With Zipwhip you can send and receive text messages using that existing number that your clients already know and recognize.

With another investment round of $9 million, Zipwhip has validated the market for texting, with Voyager and Microsoft investing in the latest round.

To get a better idea of how law firms are using Zipwhip, read this recent article from Robert Ambrogi.

This is a guest post from ZipWhip. Visit them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #803 and learn more about the Conference

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