Pew research shows that two-thirds of Americans expect that 50 years from now, technology such as semi-autonomous robots and intelligent algorithms will do much of the work currently done by humans across all sectors. Yet 80% of those surveyed believe that their job will continue to exist in its current form five decades from now. When facing changes in the way legal services are and will be delivered, some lawyers react similarly, noting that technology will or should displace much of today’s labor force…but never what lawyers do.

Given this apparent disconnect, let’s have an open discussion with the CEOs of three leading legal technology companies about the opportunities and the obstacles for lawyers as numerous factors, including these companies, and technology in general, continue to reshape the legal landscape. Moderated by Paula Frederick and Judy Perry Martinez, join Mark Britton (Avvo), Charley Moore (Rocket Lawyer), and John Suh (LegalZoom) for a lively conversation focused on maintaining the legal profession’s foundational values while examining potential opportunities afforded by technology for the benefit of both attorneys and the clients they serve.

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