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Legal Tech Takes On Inter-Law Firm Collaboration

Most attorneys will agree that legal technology has significantly improved collaboration within law firms. Innovative case management tools facilitate communication between lawyers and staff, improving productivity and client services.

On the other hand, inter-law firm collaboration has been largely overlooked by legal tech—until now. There is a movement among legal technology developers to make co-counsel and case referrals more seamless.

Why Are Inter-Law Firm Collaboration Tools Important?

Whether referring a client to another attorney for litigation, or working with another practice on an out-of-state deposition, many law firms depend on others.

In fact, the legal industry is becoming more collaborative as a whole. As case management solutions have become more prevalent, however, they have complicated a transfer process that was once as easy as handing over a cardboard box.

Older practice management software, hosted on local servers, historically made sharing access with outside attorneys difficult. Now, cloud-based case management legal solutions are changing this paradigm and simplifying collaboration between law firms.

This development is critical as paper files become a relic of the past. Even law firms that still maintain hard files often store client and case related information in online practice management solutions. When digital cases are referred to another firm, “going paperless” has made it harder to create a seamless experience for both new counsel and the client.

Legal Technology Companies Are Providing Solutions

Any legal tech provider who regularly speaks with attorneys has heard about the challenges related to inter-law firm collaboration. In particular, case management software developers have the responsibility to address these needs.

In 2017, CASEpeer legal software is committed to taking inter-law firm collaboration to the next level. We are introducing our new CASEpush feature at ABA TECHSHOW 2017 in Chicago. Law firms using CASEpeer can send and receive cases between their accounts including notes, documents, photos, associated contacts, and more.

Instead of handing over a paper file, or printing a digital one, attorneys can send over a comprehensive case at any stage without compromising their law firm’s security.

In the end, providing attorneys with effective inter-law firm collaboration tools will most benefit the client. In a world where choices seem limitless, optimizing customer service is at the heart of building a successful business. The responsibility of the legal technology industry is listening, and developing solutions to help law firms become more proactive, more powerful.

This is a guest post from CASEpeer. Visit them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #814 and learn more about the Conference

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