The Future of Email

Recently, many articles and posts have debated the issue of the future of email. Listed below are some of the facts that have been gathered and are here to garner your thoughts.

The facts:

  • Email is still an integral part of the way we communicate today, and the majority of us rely heavily on email throughout the work week.
  • It uses a standard and reliable protocol, which isn’t owned by any one company, and its existence isn’t tied to a single provider.
  • Email has unique properties that no other new technology possesses; it’s asynchronous, reliable, multimedia, and a multi-device tool.
  • A variety of tools and solutions have been built on top of email to help users manage and direct what used to be just chronological workflow.
  • Email remains the infrastructure foundation for collaboration that all new communications tools eventually tie back to.
  • Contrary to what is often suggested in the press, email usage is still very much on the rise. A recent Email Statistics Report estimates that by 2019, the number of worldwide email users will exceed 2.9 billion—up 10% from 2015.
  • Increasing regulatory scrutiny and stringent laws surrounding electronic content, require organisations of all sizes and industries to be more cognizant about the way they manage, store, and archive email messages.

Email’s use as the central tool for communicating, sharing, distributing, and managing information will continue to change and improve over time. To support this transformation, inMailX enables firms to deliver a comprehensive and diverse set of intuitive and flexible tools, which empowers users to be more productive and accountable when managing emails, attachments, and content.

inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance, and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook and Document Management Systems. As a single Outlook add-in, inMailX provides an integrated modular architecture, including Email, Attachment, Content, Print, Time and Brand Manager Modules, as well as optional Connectors for a variety of document management systems.

inMailX integrates Microsoft Outlook with document management systems, network, and cloud repositories, such as: iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, Worldox, HPE Content Manager, Cloud, and Network Shares, etc.

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