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Quick Tips of 2016

Law Technology Today is number one in providing legal professionals with quick tips they can put to good use. Just in case you missed some, here’s a few of Law Technology Today’s best quick tips articles from 2016.

Five Tips For New Attorneys

These days, the legal profession is more competitive than ever—especially for younger attorneys.  Here are a couple of tips that younger attorneys should follow in order to ensure long term success in the legal profession.

Four Social Media Techniques To Utilize On The Web

We all hear about this place called “social media” where people share too much about themselves. Ever feel like the person not invited to that party? You might think that, as a lawyer with ethical obligations, you would not be able to access the good stuff. In a lot of cases, that’s true, but in many more, it’s not. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into that over-sharing for information about the key witnesses in your case? Or how about for finding potential witnesses to support your claims? This article will share four easy techniques to search the publicly accessible part of social media.

Seven Tips For Defusing An Angry Client

We’ve all been there: sitting across from a client who’s steaming mad. Sometimes it’s something you’ve inadvertently done that riles them up, other times it’s just a byproduct of the legal issues they expect you to make go away. Regardless of the source of their frustration, you have to find a way to defuse the situation in a safe and effective manner that doesn’t put your client-attorney relationship at risk.

Six Tips To Reduce Security Risks

Law firms, traditionally unregulated and self-reliant around technology decisions, have recently been surprised: their clients are auditing their security practices, controls, and technology. Suddenly, confusion abounds. But why? It shouldn’t. Law firm management should not expect their information technology services and infrastructure to be immune from client scrutiny. There are repetitive areas in which firms struggle to comply with client expectations. Audits vary from a couple of pages to numerous worksheets in length. Such evaluation will analyze specific architecture and configuration details, run penetration testing scenarios, examine hiring practices, and more.

Four Things Attorneys Can Do To Succeed At Media Outreach

Establishing your brand can be difficult, especially if you are an attorney but it is essential if you want to build a successful law office. There are so many law firms and solo practitioners, you must try to rise up through the search engine results, while competing against others in your industry that have been there for years before you. So what is one of the best ways to help establish your online presence? That’s right. Through media outreach.

Five Time Management Tips for Lawyers

Your job is demanding. For many lawyers, 12-hour days are not out of the ordinary, and constant demands from clients and partners can have you working around the clock. However, while hard work is a badge of honor in the legal profession, it’s more important to work smart. Better allotting their time is an area where many lawyers can improve.

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