Cybersecurity 2017: It’s a Scary World Out There

Although lawyers are a tech savvy bunch, ABA TECHREPORT 2016 suggests that they lack security prowess. With all the publicly expressed concern about internet security breaches, the data shows that – as an industry – there is a lot of room for growth in terms of cybersecurity. For example, 40% of lawyers use public (unencrypted) Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Of those individuals, only 53% “sometimes” use a VPN. This means that the majority of the time their data is left unprotected.

In Cybersecurity 2017: It’s a Scary World Out There, you will learn how to protect your data, clients, and practice from emerging cyber threats. Why does this matter? Because the numbers don’t lie. Ransomware attacks are up 500% from 2014. The same is true of data breaches (up 127% from 2014), and identity theft (490,220 complaints in 2015 alone). We want to change that so you can start 2017 off right.

Wednesday, January 11th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET

Free Registration

Key Objectives:

– Discover how to handle new and emerging cyber threats
– Learn how cyber threats can affect you/your practice/your clients
– Overcome the challenges presented by cyber threats
– Learn how the private cloud can help

Please note: this is a non CLE session.
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