Building a Successful Law Firm by Helping Others

In this video, you will discover the seven functional areas of a law firm: Marketing, Sales, the Factory, People, the Physical Plant, Metrics/Money and, last but definitely not least, YOU. Each has its own processes, procedures, costs, and directly impacts the other functional areas. So without an understanding of what needs to happen in each of those sections for you to make a profit, the road to success becomes an uphill climb.


• Striking a healthy balance between reinvesting in your business for continued growth and living a comfortable lifestyle.

• Learn how to sell your services more effectively.

• Write a formal business plan in a week or less. Get the Workbook!


Christopher Anderson, Esq. 
President & COO, How to Manage a Small Law Firm

Christopher began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in New York City. Later, he helped startup a small software company, which was later acquired by, where he became Associate General Counsel for RealLegal, their legal software company. He also led the creative team that developed the LexisNexis Firm Manager. As Product Manager, he worked with hundreds of attorneys across the country to build the easiest to use, web-based practice management software on the market.

He is also a national speaker, writing and speaking on a wide range of topics, including law firm management, the ethics of cloud computing, the future of technology in law firms, and more. He is passionate about helping lawyers manage their solo and small law firm firm businesses to work for them.

Christopher is a graduate of Cornell University, and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1994. Christopher Anderson is admitted to practice in the federal and state courts of New York and Georgia.

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