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Can Law Firms use Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is great if you’re selling a product that lends itself to being advertised on such a platform, such as a clothing or make up brand. It does however get slightly more difficult if your trying to sell a service that isn’t quite so attractive or exciting.

So can Lawyers and Law Firms use it successfully? The short answer is, yes. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide a quick and inexpensive way for Law Firms to keep in touch with clients, keep an eye on competitors, and keep in the know with industry news!

Many Law Firms are now using social media to get extra exposure for their law firms and gain advantage over some of their competitors. So do you want to know how you could use it for your law firm? Here’s the basics…

Choose Your Platforms

First things first, you need to select the social media platforms you are going to invest your time and recourse in. This is very important as failure to identify your platforms can result in you wasting time and money. Unless you deal with visual subjects such breast surgery claims or something similar it can be difficult for you to use platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. It may be best to focus of twitter or linked in for example, that lend themselves well to your services. It is probably best for you to start with one or two platforms to begin with. Research what your competitors and the market leaders in your sector are using and what they get the most interaction with.

Are People Talking About You

Have a nosey and find out what conversations are already going on about your law firm or your lawyers online. It seems basic but this kind of research is a great place to start. You can use this content to your advantage and hop in on these conversations. This can be massively useful for upgrading the image of your law firm.

Get Everyone Involved

When you are running social channels in house, it can be good idea to get everyone involved. By spreading the workload, you can ensure that your content gets the maximum reach. Having a different person in the office in charge of the social accounts week on week, you can have a diverse and fresh feed. You should try to encourage everyone to get online and connect with prospects or clients online and get them to share and engage with your posts.

Plan Your Content

You don’t have to have a firm plan, but it’s a clever idea to have a plan in place for your content. You need to know what your content strategy is going to be and what content will be interesting to your target audience. Think about what would make your target audience share something or interact with. To use social media successfully, you’ll need to generate content that is attention-grabbing and engaging. You will also need to define is what the constraints are on what you are allowed to say in public.

Find Leads and Build Relationships

Once you start getting active on social media, you should start to find that people will initiate conversations about you on social media and start interacting with you. You can therefore use it to build leads and relationships. Say you’re a divorce lawyer for example, search for people tweeting about break-ups and divorces. By reaching out to them, you’re instantly generating a possible lead.

Be Tenacious

You can’t expect to make a social media account and instantly have hundreds of followers and engagement instantly. It takes time and persistence to build a following and purpose to keep them. If you’re tenacious, then social media could be massively beneficial for your law firm!

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