Invisible Time: Timekeeping in the 24/7 Era of Communications

The Topic:

Modern attorneys may not be physically in their offices all the time, but with the introduction of the latest technology such as mobile devices and the cloud, they are working at all times. As a result, they are faced with the very real challenge of capturing all of the small tasks they perform during the ordinary course of a day, from the moment they wake in the morning until the moment they go to sleep at night. This can make timekeeping a huge headache.

In this video, learn how the right mobile timekeeping solution can help you prevent time leakage, embracing change and adapting your practice to new technology trends, and more!

The Speaker:

John Kuntz, Co-Founder, Bellefield Systems LLC

As co-founder and principal of Bellefield Systems, John helps top law firms increase their time velocity, improving compliance and accuracy of timekeeping while taking the pain away from the time entry process. Through his efforts, John has helped position Bellefield as the leader in mobile time entry for law firms of all sizes. Prior to starting Bellefield, John was CIO, Chief Interactive Officer, of national ad agency Engauge. While at Engauge he was responsible for driving digital strategies for decade-long clients Anthem Wellpoint, Abbott Labs, and Kraft. A native of Washington DC, he now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and also received a minor in Organizational Leadership at Robert Morris University.

The Takeaways:

  • The concept of “Invisible Time”
  • Ensure that billable hours accurately reflect hours worked
  • How the right mobile timekeeping solution can help attorneys prevent time leakage
  • Timekeeping best practices
  • Embracing change and adapting your practice to new technology trends

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