Migrating Historical Data Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

If you’re like many law firms, the idea of moving to the cloud for your billing and timekeeping solution is intriguing. You’ve read all the data on cloud security, and you love the idea of being able to access your data at any time, from any device, in any location. You suspect you’ll gain more billable hours too because you’ll spend less time generating and sending invoices.

Yet, there’s a big reluctance to move from a program like Timeslips, that old client-server, installed on your desktop software that you curse at every month when generating invoices and logging time entries. You feel like they’re being held hostage by your billing and timekeeping system. What’s the hold up?

Two words. Historical data.

You may love the idea of moving to the cloud, but can your old data, sometimes decades worth, move with you?

Snapshot in Time Migration

A lot of legacy time billing systems like Timeslips are run on archaic databases that make moving data into a new system either impossible or extremely expensive.

The solution for many SaaS vendors is the option of taking a historical “snapshot” of your client’s data when you migrate to their system. That’s great if you never want to view specific old invoices or time entries for your clients. Raise your hand if you’re a firm that looks forward to that option. Didn’t think so.

Auto-Migration of Historical Data has Arrived

Timeslips has been around for decades and is still entrenched in many law firms. Moving to a new system and keeping that historical data has proved to be extremely difficult and is likely the reason it’s still so prevalent in small law firms.

Until now. TimeSolv, a leading online billing and timekeeping solution since 1999, has developed a method and process to auto-migrate historical data from Timeslips.

Many law firms have already shrugged off the Timeslips chains and moved to the freedom of TimeSolv’s cloud-based billing and timekeeping.

“The initial thought in migrating our data from Timeslips was that it was going to be really overwhelming,” says Tammy Walls of Wagonheim Law in Maryland. “But TimeSolv walked me through and made what was a difficult task very simple.”

For Kimberly Porter at Key Harrington Barnes, a 12-person employment law firm based in Dallas, there was the initial reluctance to leave Timeslips for similar reasons. “Migrating 13 years of Timeslips data was one of the major concerns of the partners. TimeSolv made it easy to convert because we developed a plan. So there was a process to the migration that I felt was very efficient and very thorough,” states Porter.

Read in-depth how Key Harrington Barnes arrived at their decision to move from Timeslips and the process of converting to TimeSolv in this case study.

Call TimeSolv at 1.800.715.1284 and you’ll be walked through a conversion and migration plan that will free you from the Timeslips burden.

Try TimeSolv for yourself by starting a no-obligation 30-day free trial that includes one-on-one training by real billing experts with years of expertise in the field.

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