Rest Easy With Encryption

In 2012, comments were added to the ABA Model Rules that required attorneys take reasonable precautions to protect clients’ electronic data and to keep abreast of the technology required for competent representation of their clients in their practice area. In these changing times, many attorneys still struggle to understand the complicated requirements involved in protecting client data. Whether you represent health providers and banks or if you are just concerned with your ethical obligations to protect client data, one thing is certain: security must rise above the level of “annoyance” and become a top priority for law firms. Security must become something that is routine and an accepted part of the practice of law.

Law firms have long wanted better security for the documents they store on behalf of their clients but they have struggled to find an easy-to-use solution. The first step towards securing your documents is to know where they are. Worldox, a long-time leader in document management for small to mid-size law firms, has a solution with Worldox GX4, their award-winning document management solution.

Worldox, your trusted partner in Document and Email Management, will soon be presenting a way to go beyond hardware encryption to truly secure your clients’ most precious information. The new white paper, Worldox Encryption At Rest (WEAR), explains how it works in conjunction with Worldox GX4.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • Why most smartphones are encrypted but most law firm PCs are not.
  • The difference between hardware and software encryption.
  • The two critical factors for successful encryption of every document.
  • How to protect the documents at your law firm from breaches and ransomware.
  • How WEAR works and related to the above topics.
  • And much more.

Download your free PDF copy of Worldox Encryption At Rest (WEAR)

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