From 100% Paper to Practically Paperless

Paper for note taking, paper for documenting files, a paper log to document phone calls, paper phone messages, and even a paper rolodex. Always searching for folders, searching for relevant documents, and never knowing who has which file or if a document had been misfiled in the wrong folder. Everybody in the office knew all that unnecessary time and effort spent handling paper was holding the firm back from achieving its full potential.

They knew what they wanted – a software solution to run conflict checks, with an integrated billing component that grouped everything together. The lawyers also wanted to equip staff with iPads to complete client intake from anywhere.

When you read this case study, these lawyers will share with you the answers to such questions as…

  • How many so-called practice management solutions did they examine?
  • How many free trials did they experience?
  • Who did they speak with? And what questions did they ask?
  • Why did they choose one practice management software over all others?
  • Was it even a close decision?
  • Did they request third party assistance with implementation?
  • Was customization necessary? Was it even possible with their chosen solution?
  • How did they decide what information was important to their practice and what wasn’t?
  • How long did the full transition process take? Did it interfere with daily practice?
  • Having completed the transition, are they happy with the results?
  • Is there anything they would have done differently?
  • What do they like about it? What don’t they like?
  • Did their selection and implementation achieve their desired outcome?

Read the full case study here.

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