Is your legal practice management software working for you?

Is your legal practice management software working for you?

Legal practice management software should increase efficiency in your business; not hinder productivity. There’s a lot to think about when choosing a software provider, so it’s worth researching several to get a feel for how their features and benefits can save you time and money. Investing in the right solution can free you up to focus on billable work.

Arm yourself with the best tools to build your business, so you don’t end up with a software that’s a burden rather than an asset.


Do you spend hours on tasks that should only take minutes? Great practice management software will make day-to-day tasks more efficient. Check that your system:

  • Allows complete time recording and fixed fee billing;
  • Provides trust accounting;
  • Provides automated document production, underpinned by a vast library of documents and templates; and
  • Provides you everything you need in one piece of software so that you don’t need to patch together a number of providers.

You should be able to get more work done without hiring additional support staff. Your time is valuable. If you have to focus on small tasks like typing in client information over and over, you are losing time you could be spending on billable tasks.


A good system allows you to access matters and accounting information on your smartphone or tablet, even when you’re not in the office. Cloud-based software allows you to work anywhere: at court, on your commute, or from home.

Accounting and document integrations

Work more efficiently by choosing a system that integrates with major software providers such as Microsoft Office or QuickBooks. Stop updating file formats, and worrying about loss of information between programs. Be confident that your files are automatically filed in the correct matter.


Find out what kind of technical support each software provider offers.

  • Is service prompt and easy to act on?
  • When are support teams available to help you? Extended technical support hours an important consideration if your team works to tight deadlines.

Attracting business to your firm

Is your prospective software provider dedicated to helping you grow your profits? Look for extras like a complimentary search-optimized website. Getting bang for your buck is important in a solo or small firm, so choose a provider who understands this.

Ready to take your firm to the next level?

It’s important to ask several legal practice management providers about how the services they offer. Finding the right fit with your needs is essential. If you’d like to learn more about how LEAP can help your firm, book a demo today.

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