The New LexisNexis Firm Manager® 2.0

With the latest release of their flagship online practice management software, LexisNexis Firm Manager 2.0, LexisNexis makes it easier than ever for attorneys to find the right tool to meet their firm’s specific needs. The new Firm Manager 2.0 offer twos different options based on firms’ current goals and plans for the future.

For solos, smaller firms, or those who just need rock-solid basics to make their firms more mobile, centralized and secure, Firm Manager Starter is an affordable option at $29/per month/user.

Starter has an array of tools which help attorneys bill (and get paid) faster, eliminate calendar worries, reduce compliance risks around trust accounting, take control of their document piles, manage their matters at a glance, and more.

Larger firms and those who want more powerful tools to plan, capture, and measure their growth and performance will lean toward Firm Manager Essentials at $44/month/person.

It has everything Starter brings to the table, and adds productivity tracking and reporting, workload and budget forecasting, plus custom roles, permissions, intake templates and checklists, among others. It also syncs with the two most-used accounting programs by independent firms, QuickBooks™ and QuickBooks™ Online, to maintain the firm’s accounting ledgers automatically.

“Solo and small firms have distinct needs based on their size and complexity,” said Wes Gillette, Director of Product Management for Firm Manager.  “Whether a solo attorney is looking to get more control over the practice as a whole, or a larger firm wants to grow its business by leveraging its own data, these new package options provide a tailored range of features and benefits to meet to meet these needs and, most importantly, help attorneys stay focused on what they do best—practicing law.”

The offering is part of a new “More Power to You” focus that lets attorneys better align their technology to meet their specific client and business goals. A full list of features and benefits included with the Starter and Essentials packages include:


  • Matter Management
  • Calendar Synchronization and Scheduling with Google®,Microsoft® Office 365™ and LawToolBox®
  • Configurable Invoicing with Accounts Receivable and Billing Dashboards
  • Trust Account Tracking
  • Unlimited Online Storage and On-Demand Document Management


  • All of the features included in Starter
  • Role-based permissions
  • Integrations with PCLaw®, QuickBooks™ and QuickBooks™ Online Productivity, Billing, Accounts Receivable and Trust History Reporting
  • Customizable Checklist and Intake Templates
  • Budget and Time Forecasting

“Now, no matter what unique business needs independent and small firm owners may have, we now have options they can choose from to best address those needs,” said Wes Gillette.

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